This workshop is a three-part series held on three consecutive Wednesday evenings: April 12, 19 and 26. The total amount pays for all three classes and includes a one-on-one follow up consultation. Sign up HERE

Gain the information you need to demystify your cycle, conceive naturally and go organic with your birth control (no hormones or devices and as effective as the pill, what?!). Learn to chart your cycle using the highly effective Sympto-Thermal Method of Fertility Awareness (The same method described in Taking Charge of Your Fertility. PS this has nothing to do with the Rhythm Method). Once you learn the fundamental principles of the method, this knowledge will bring you benefits all the way through menopause. By learning how to accurately identify your fertile phase (did you know that's only about 7 days each cycle?) you can achieve or prevent pregnancy naturally. Your charts can also reveal hormonal imbalances, recurring miscarriages, and gynecological abnormalities. (and you'll always know when to expect your next period!) You do not need "regular" cycles to use this method. In fact, charting can help you get to the root of irregular cycles. Learn more about what it entails