Preparing for conception

 Most women and uterus owners can benefit from at least 6 months to a year of intentional healing and health building before trying to conceive. It is ideal to take time to improve your fertility through simple lifestyle changes, replenishing your store of key nutrients and bringing your hormonal health into balance. It is also a wonderful time to learn how to chart your fertility signs.

Fertility charting

By learning to identify and chart your fertility signs using the Sympto-Thermal Method, you will be able to recognize your most fertile time of the month and choose the best timing to achieve pregnancy. Charting can also help you to know: whether or not you are ovulating, whether you are having miscarriages, whether you are making enough high quality cervical fluid (necessary to keep sperm alive) and whether you have hormonal imbalances. Research has found that couples who use Fertility Awareness techniques, like the method mentioned above, conceive faster than those who do not. 

Learn How

In this conception crash course, learn the essential information you need to conceive naturally and quickly. Includes an in-depth discussion on the key fertility signs that indicates the best timing for sex or IUI and what can make or break sperm survival. Learn how to pinpoint ovulation (go beyond OPKs) and how to use that knowledge to improve the accuracy of low-key fertility testing. Available in person in Seattle or on Google Hangouts or Skype.